Othelia’s Doughnuts

About this Project

Looks like cupcakes may be a thing of the past, which kind of makes me sad. But, guys, the replacement is DONUTS!!! Who doesn't love having dessert for breakfast (and not being criticized).

Othelia's Doughnuts was started by friends Amy and Tiffany in their kitchens. They wanted to come up with an alternative for the cake donuts that are everywhere and found that in Amy's grandma Othelia's recipe! Hence the name. 

Working with them on branding, we went with an older spelling of doughnuts and wanted to keep with a theme of the fact that these stem from tried-and-true recipes from way back when. 

If you live in the north Iowa area and want to give these a try, they take orders with 24-hour notice at https://www.facebook.com/OtheliasDoughnuts/

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CLIENT: Othelia's Doughnuts


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