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A fellow blogger and friend of mine, Katy Flint, had contacted me a while ago to talk about a business she was going to start - helping small, local businesses master their social marketing needs. I was totally in awe that she would be able to do that. I can hardly keep up with my design, blog and full-time job accounts, let alone other businesses. What a brave lady!

A few weeks later, I got an email. I'm ready to launch and I need your help! - to paraphrase.

I had an initial idea right after I hear the name Social Impact. Knowing that I needed to offer more than one idea, I went on the search on the world wide interwebs and Pinterest to see what others in the field had done. I pulled some general ideas from those and got to work.

We had a few alterations, but I'm so glad she loved my ideas! The word bubble representing conversations she wanted to get started via social media and a big POW! kind of impact she wanted those conversations to have.

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CLIENT: Social Impact


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